Creating link to articles and books

Presented here is a description on how to create permanent links to publications from the library's full text databases.

Read this first

  • When creating links to publications from the library's databases, copying the URL in the browser's address window will not work. There are several reasons.
  • The link (URL) should in most cases begin with a so-called proxy prefix ( This will ensure that the link works outside of the university network. By using the tool below, you can easliy add the proxy prefix to a URL.
  • In certain databases a DOI is used. It stands for Digital Object Identifier and is an identification number given to an electronic document and is not dependent upon the location of the electronic document.
  • When you have constructed a link, try it to see if it works before you put it in a reference list. Paste it into your web browser and press enter.

Content updated 2018-03-21