Student life and the Student Union

Student life and the Student Union

An important part of student life at JU is meeting new people and relaxing with friends. In Jönköping there are plenty of things to do when you need a break from your studies.

Student Union

The Jönköping Student Union is run by students, for students. The union safeguards the students’ interests in many areas of student life and at the university. The Student Union works with internationalization and integration. For example, the Student Union organizes trips to Lappland, Norway and many fun daytrips!

For those interested there is a contact person programme (buddy programme). The contact person is a student who will help you adjust to the practical matters of living in Jönköping.

Introduction Week and Kick Off

During the introduction week, new students get the opportunity to learn more about the school. They will be attending obtain information about academic and other related matters. The introduction week also contain a social activity part, that is called “The Kick Off”. It is organized by the Student Union and packed with various activities where you can meet and get to know new friends. The Kick Off is of course voluntary, but it is a good way for you to get a fun start and feel safe with your new life. On the fall Kick Off each year the Student Union together with JU arranges a Kick Off-festival. See the aftermovie from last years Kick Off-festival below.