“I got to meet the big namesin my field.”

With a BSc in Information Systems Management from Tanzania I wanted to specialize in UX design. Looking for a university that ranked high for
international students I came across JU, and all those things I was hoping for came true.

Photo of Domina Kiunsi

UX design is all about creating products that provide meaningful experiences to users and help enterprises reach their objectives. The education is very hands-on. We create
websites and design experiences around which the user can actually receive the product. It’s also very student-centric, with open communication between students and teachers and lots of teamwork, which allows you to develop your strengths.

During the practical placement I got to work with a local design consultant, and could apply everything I learned from class in the industry. When I volunteered at an information architecture conference where professionals and educators met, I got to meet big names currently working in the field. Very exciting!

The university is really supportive. If you ever have an issue socially or within academia, someone is there to help you through it. Also, they do great job at integrating us
international students.

Student life is very engaging. There are lots of communities and clubs that you can get involved in. I was part of a showcase dance studio.

The culture is very different from where I am from. But although Swedes tend to be reserved, once you get to know them they become friends for life.

I’ve stayed on to work at the university as a laboratory engineer. Eventually I’ll probably transition into a PhD role.

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