Marketing Management

Filosofie kandidatexamen med huvudområdet företagsekonomi, 180 hp

Plats: Jönköping

Programstart: Hösten 2020

Till ansökan (öppnar 16 mars)

 Arbeta som ledare inom området marknadsföring – exempelvis med fokus på marknadsanalys, affärsutveckling, kommunikation eller försäljning. Syftet med programmet är att utveckla din förmåga att leda projekt och funktioner inom marknadsföring och affärsförnyelse. På det sättet kan du bidra till ett företags utveckling och tillväxt. Huvudämnet är företagsekonomi, men du läser även kurser i nationalekonomi. Kurserna är utformade för att ge dig kunskaper om de olika delarna av marknadsföring.

Marketing Management is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills that enable you to support a company’s development and growth by leading projects and functions within marketing and business renewal.

The combination of theory, practice and recurring group work makes Marketing Management a programme that provides you with important experience for your future career. You study together with students from many different countries taught by a highly international faculty.

You will have the opportunity to spend one semester abroad and to develop a personal international network that can boost your career.

Elective semester

The fifth semester offers plenty of options to specify. Either by studying abroad at one of JIBS' recommended partner schools, or by taking elective courses of your choice at JIBS, which also allows you to do an internship in another country.

The Marketing Management Programme also includes an opportunity to apply for a double degree exchange with IQS Business Schoollänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster (Spain).


3 years, 180 credits. Bachelor of Science with a major in Business Administration.

With your degree you can apply to both Swedish and international master programs. Please note that master programmes may have different entry requirements.

After graduation

After completing your programme, you will be well prepared to tackle a range of positions related to marketing in local as well as international businesses. 

The programme will prepare you for positions such as project leader, marketing assistant, communication planner, marketing coordinator, business developer, product manager, brand manager, salesperson, account manager/key account manager/service manager, after-sales, or export manager. 

With your degree, you can apply to both Swedish and international master's programmes. Please note that master's programmes may have different entry requirements.

Continue with master programme

A bachelor's degree in business administration fulfills the prerequisites for further studies at the master's level. Here at Jönköping University, you can continue with:

The combination of theory and practice, and recurring group work makes Marketing Management a programme that provides you with important experience for your future career.

The programme places special emphasis on the entrepreneurial aspect from the first semester. It also emphasizes the international aspect through the focus on contemporary international markets. All courses are taught in English and the fact that the programme is open to students from around the world reinforces the international aspect.

Special selection

Jönköping International Business School has decided to reserve a small number of places on their programmes to applicants who are particularly suitable for the education as well as the school's profile. The aim is to widen the admission opportunities for the candidates.

Read more about the criterias.

Omfattning: 180 hp
Nivå: Grundnivå
Studietakt: Helfart
Ort: Jönköping
Studieform: Campusbaserad
Språk: Undervisningen bedrivs på engelska
Antal platser: 61
Programstart: Hösten 2020
Anmälningskod: HJ-52032
Behörighet: Grundläggande behörighet samt Matematik 3b eller 3c, Samhällskunskap 1b eller 1a1 och 1a2. Eller: Engelska 6/B, Matematik C, Samhällskunskap A.
Urval: 65 procent av platserna avsätts för sökande i betygsgruppen och 35 procent i högskoleprovsgruppen.

Examen: Filosofie kandidatexamen med huvudområdet företagsekonomi

Year 1

Communication in a Cross-Cultural Context 7,5 hp
Entrepreneurship 7,5 hp 
Basic Financial Accounting 7,5 hp 
Principles of Project Management 7,5 hp 
Organising and Leading in a Sustainable World 7,5 hp
Supply Chain Management 7,5 hp
Marketing Management 7,5 hp
Purchasing and Sales 7,5 hp

Year 2

Business Statistics 1 7,5 hp
Marketing Communication 7,5 hp
Business Digitalisation 7,5 hp
Microeconomic Principles and Mathematics for Economics 7,5 hp
Responsible Enterprise, 7,5 hp
Corporate Finance 1 7,5 hp
International Marketing 7,5 hp
Research Methods: Design, Implementation and Analysis 7,5 hp

Year 3

Study Abroad/Elective courses/Internship+Elective courses 30 hp
Bachelor Thesis in Business Administration 15 hp
International Marketing Law and Consumer Protection 7,5 hp
Brand Management 7,5 hp

Till ansökan (öppnar 16 mars)