Science Park

Since 1998 Science Park has been part owned by Jönköping University, with the mission to support and develop students, researchers, individuals and companies on their entrepreneurial journey.

After more than 20 years of making dreams come true, we are still here for you.

We offer support and business development to students who want to develop an idea, starting a business, or already run a business but need help to develop it further and more.

Starting a business while studying is a golden opportunity. Every year we meet over 250 students who want to develop their idea and start a business as a student entrepreneur and get assignments as a consultant in their field of study or other.

It is a perfect way to 1. Gain professional experience. 2. Make money. 3. Find contacts - even before you finish your studies.
At Science Park, we offer the opportunity to become a student entrepreneur where you simply get assignments as a consultant in your field of study or in one of your other skills.
You can also choose to start as a student resource in various cases and projects that we work on.

Welcome to be a part of our community. Together with our partners, we have created a vibrant and equal Community where people meet, ideas are shared and new business opportunities are created. We offer everything from knowledge lectures, hackatons, idea-competitions, challenges, meet-ups, and matchmaking. Build your network, meet other like-minded people, get inspiration, and do something alongside your studies.

Hope to see you at Karriärum!