Jönköping University brings together people from all over the world. Together, we colour life and make Jönköping University a colourful place of learning. Our base is purple, to which we add turquoise, dark blue, yellow, grey, black and white spices. The palette is common to the entire university.

jönköping univeristy logo

Identity colour

Our identity colour is purple. It is particularly important in our work to convey our identity and brand. When we use the colour purple, we create recognition and stand out amongst other senders.

The profile colour can be used in different shades. We have developed colour codes for three lighter shades (-80, -50 and -20) and one darker (+20)

Purple – main colour

Purple – main colour

Purple – shades

Purple (–80)

Purple (–50)

Purple (–20)

Purple (+20)

Complementary colours

Turquoise, dark blue, yellow and grey are our complementary colours. Together with our identity colour, we use them, to different extents, to convey a sense of Jönköping University.

Each complementary colour has three lighter shades (-80, -50 and -20).


Turquoise – main colour

Turquoise (–80)

Turquoise (–50)

Turquoise (–20)

Dark blue

Dark blue – main colour

Dark blue (–80)

Dark blue (–50)

Dark blue (–20)


Yellow – main colour

Yellow (–80)

Yellow (–50)

Yellow (–20)


Grey – main colour

Grey (–80)

Grey (–50)

Grey (–20)

White and black



Font color

In flowing text such as headings, preambles and body text, we mainly use black, white and purple. Keep in mind that the colour chosen for the text should be legible against the background.


Black (–80)



Purple (+20)