Moving images

The use of moving images is an effective way to convey different messages, for example when explaining or telling a story or engaging the recipient. Here you can find JU Motion Graphics to download for use in movies.


When producing moving images, the content must always be based on Jönköping University’s graphic profile. Regardless of the type of graphics used in moving images, it should always be produced based on purpose, effect and target group to get the right message across.

Jönköping University uses an animation called “Fade in” or “Fade out”.

Fade in:
Used at the start
Opacity from 0-100% in about one second

Fade out:
Used at the end
Opacity from 0-100% in about one second

Använda logotypen i rörligt material

To clarify Jönköping University as a sender in filmed or animated material, there is an outro, which appears at the end of a film. The outro contains an animated version of Jönköping University’s logotype in white against a purple background. The duration of the outro is approximately six seconds. If necessary, the outro can be used as a still image without animation. Ready-made outro templates are available for all companies.

Animated logotype
If Jönköping University’s logotype is animated only “Fade in” or “Fade out” can be used. No other animations may be used on the logotype.

Logotyp utöver outro
On special occasions, the logotype needs to be visible throughout the film, for example during various types of advertising or events. If you are unsure, contact the Communications Department. In these cases, the logotype should not take focus from the content, but can be placed in a corner. Remember that the free zones for JU’s logotype also apply in filmed and animated material and that the correct version of the logotype is used for best readability.

Text Graphics

The design of text graphics is done in an integrated way for Jönköping University’s filmed and animated materials.

Design of shorter texts/messages

  • Typeface BentonSans or Arial
  • White text
  • If the white text is poorly visible, use a slightly darker tone over the film sequence for better contrast

Design of longer information texts

  • Typeface BentonSans or Arial
  • White text on a purple background at 80-90 % opacity


The design of nameplates is done in a unified way for Jönköping University’s filmed and animated material.

Components of the nameplate

  • Typeface BentonSans or Arial
  • White text on a purple background with 80-90 % opacity
  • ”Fade in” from the side of the nameplate in one second and “Fade out” in one second

Placement of the nameplate
The nameplate is placed on the left side. Remember to place the nameplate in a way that does not prevent the subtitle from being seen, regardless of the device on which the film is viewed. In situations where there are two people in the picture, the nameplate can be placed under the person.


All of Jönköping University’s films are required by law to be accessible and therefore include subtitles. Auto-generated subtitles are primarily used if the channel has that functionality. When this function is not available, the subtitles must be “burned” into the film.

Design of subtitles
When subtitling, it is important to consider readability. Jönköping University uses two different types of subtitles. We primarily use the typeface BentonSans or Arial in white text on a black background with 50-80 % opacity. We secondarily use the typeface BentonSans or Arial in white text with shading.

Audio and music

Music or other imposed sound is used to enhance the experience of the film. Make sure to adapt the sound and music for each occasion, taking into account the purpose, effect and audience of the film.

If music or other imposed sound is used, it is important that rights are acquired to use the sound. Remember that rights are also required if music or sound is recorded and can be clearly heard in the background of the film.