Incoming Students

Jönköping University welcomes international students from all over the world. The university has approximately 2,400 international students from close to 70 countries.

1,136 international students from close to 70 countries arrived at Jönköping University during 2019. Of these, 50 per cent are exchange students and 50 per cent are international degree-seeking students.

Most of the international students, 50 per cent, are European. The two European countries with the most students at the university are Germany with 132 students and France with 98 students.

Jönköping University also attracts students from other parts of the world. The countries outside Europe with most students at the University are Pakistan with 99 students students and the USA with 43 students. Other countries with many students in Jönköping are Mexico with 35 students, India with 69 and the Netherlands with 57.

Please note that not all international students on campus appear in these statistics. International students enrolled in a study programme receive a Swedish personal identity number after one year in Sweden and are then no longer counted as international students in the statistics.

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