The Council of Undergraduate and Master's Education (CUME) maintains and improves JIBS' undergraduate and master education quality, including programme development, processes, and student interaction. The council is decision-making in matters of an operative kind and recommends decisions to the Dean in strategic concerns.

The Associate Dean of Education chairs the council, along with appointed members, including as follows:

  • JIBS' Education Coordinator
  • Secretary (University Services)
  • Director of Quality and Accreditation
  • JIBS' Programme Directors
  • International Relations Manager
  • Two representatives from JIBS Student Association (President plus one)

The role of appointed members of CUME is to speak on behalf of their respective entity or function. This entails two responsibilities:

1) To ensure that voices inform discussions and decisions in CUME in their respective entity or function.

2) To ensure that discussions and decisions in CUME are recognised and enacted in the respective entities and functions.