Committees & councils

There are a number of committees and councils that play an important role for the quality work at JIBS. The most important are listed below.

JIBS Research Faculty Board (JIBS RFB)

The main purpose of the JIBS Research Faculty Board (RFB) is to ensure the scientific quality of the research and the quality of doctoral education at JIBS and to create policies governing those activities. The Board's main goal is to maintain a high academic standard at JIBS in comparison to other universities in Sweden and abroad.

JIBS Research Arena

JIBS Research Arena is a discussion forum for all of JIBS faculty focusing on major strategic research issues. In this arena you are a member if you have at least a two-year contract for at least 40 % working duty. JIBS Research Arena has no fixed meetings

CUME (Council of Undergraduate and Master Education)

The Council of Undergraduate and Master Education (CUME) works to maintain and improve the quality of JIBS’ undergraduate and master education, including programme development, processes, and student interaction. The council is decision-making in matters of operative kind and recommends decision to the Dean in matters of strategic kind.

The Programme Director Team (PDT)

The Program Director Team (PDT) is an informal forum for JIBS’ programme directors. The purpose of the PDT is to enable an efficient and ongoing dialogue among programme directors on matters common for all JIBS programmes. The forum serves as a platform to develop a common understanding of the programme director task, share experiences, and identify issues of common interest related to the quality of JIBS’ education programmes.  

The PDT is convened by the Associate Dean of Education and JIBS’ Education Coordinator.


Contact person


Johan Larsson

International Economics

Tina Wallin

International Management

Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas

Marketing Management

Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas

Sustainable Enterprise Development

Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas

Engineering Management

Argyris Argyrou

International Financial Analysis

Argyris Argyrou

International Marketing

Mart Ots

International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Daniel Pittino

Global Management

Daniel Pittino

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Daniel Pittino

Economic Analysis

Tina Wallin

Information Architecture and Innovation

Andrea Resmini

Digital Business

Mart Ots

Programme groups 

Programme groups are the internal working groups for quality assurance and development work related to JIBS educational programmes.

Recruitment Committee

This committee is preparing and evaluating recruitment matters when hiring teachers and giving suggestions to the CEO. The Recruitment Committee is responsible for the recruitment process and gathers for every new recruitment process regarding a permanent faculty member with a PhD/ LID degree.

The Committee for Equality and against Discrimination CED

The CED is responsible for, in accordance with Swedish legislation, the working environment at JIBS to ensure equal treatment to all groups with regard to work, studies or career opportunities. They are also to design and execute training and other activities that help counteracting discrimination and unfairness in society.

Working Environment Committee (AMK)

AMK participates in the planning of the work environment at JIBS and is responsible for the implementation. AMK shall oversee the developments on issues related to safety to prevent ill-health and accidents at work, and provide satisfactory working conditions. The committee will also pay attention to problems between staff management and employees which might require action.

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