Sustainability Conversations is a series of four digital lunch events that focuses on the transition to a more sustainable society. The ambition of the event is to provide a platform where guest speakers, students, researchers, and an interested general public can share knowledge, experiences and thoughts about sustainability in a cross-disciplinary environment.

First event - March 17 at 12 - 13

City Planning and Sustainability: Perspectives from Addis Ababa.

The guest lecturer is Meskerem Mitiku, who is responsible for urban planning in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and is an affiliated doctor at Addis Ababa University. Meskerem works with a sustainability perspective, which she will share during the lecture. She is also an affiliated researcher in the research group PIL (Place, Identity, Learning) at the School of Education and Communication. After her presentation, there is time for discussion and questions.

Link to the event:

Second event - May

Climate collaboration & the role of Communication.

An opportunity to learn more about and talk about the role of communication in cross-industry work with the climate issue. What makes this communication successful?

Third event - autumn

Post-pandemics societies, what is next?

It will be discussed about the underlying causes of diseases that are spread between animals and humans and how societies can develop more in harmony with nature.

Fourth event - autumn

Urban Farming.

Why is urban cultivation important? In what way do they contribute locally to the global sustainability goals and how can they be developed in our city?