CCD International Seminar Series Autumn 2021

Communication, Culture and Diversity, CCD (

Convened by Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, professor

Scientific leader CCD research environment

Theme for CCD international spring seminars 2021:

Non-programmatic research methodologies or Researching contemporary settings humanistically or imagining ethnographies from a global-centric gaze

5 Feb, 10 am-12-noon: Dorte Kousholt, Associate professor, Denmark

Title: “Conflictual collaboration in research practice and analysis – reflections about transmethodology".

Chair: Giulia Messina Dahlberg, Assistant professor, CCD, University of Gothenburg


Højholt, C., & Kousholt, D. (2020). Contradictions and conflicts: Researching school as conflictual social practice. Theory & Psychology, 30(1), 36-55.

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16 April, 1-3 pm: Quentin Williams, Associate professor, South Africa,

Title: "Towards a Public Sociolinguistics: Inventing Language at the Margins of South Africa".

Chair: Ylva Lindberg, Professor, CCD, Jönköping University


Williams, Q. (2018). Multilingual activism in South African Hip Hop. Journal of World Popular Music. 5(1), 31-49.

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4 June, 10 am-12-noon: Clemens Wieser, Associate professor, Denmark,

Title: "Video diaries as a resource for self-narrations in ethnographic research".

Chair: Elisabet Sandblom, Assistant professor, CCD, Jönköping University


Wieser, Clemens. 2020. Teaching expertise in higher education: How an experienced university teacher maintained constructive alignment in practice. In Wieser, Clemens, Pilch Ortega, Angela (Ed.), Ethnography in Higher Education. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. 33-52.

Wieser, Clemens. 2015. Technology and ethnography – will it blend? Technological possibilities for fieldwork on transformations of teacher knowledge with videography and video diaries. - International journal of media, technology and lifelong learning, 11(3), 223-234.

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