Karriärum is a great opportunity for you as a student to meet, connect and to discover new companies! This year Karriärum looks different due to Covid-19. Instead of a career fair there is now a possibility to book and meet up to three companies (or more if spaces are available) in shorter interviews/seminars

Whether you are searching for internship, thesis work or a summer job you can be sure you will find it at Karriärum!


Registration is closed.

Guide to the booking systemPDF

Fair information

This year we will not have a big fair taking up the entire School of Engineering. Instead we will create a matchmaking day. In the end of October a list of all the participating organizations will be available here and on November 2nd a registration for students will open. You will be able to register to meet a company of your choosing (Or maximum 3). 

We will not be able to accept any non scheduled students. Each company will invite you to digital meetings. Either by themselves or through Karriärum. 

The companies will also upload job ads and internship information on Jobteaser. If you haven't registered for our official JobPortal please consider doing so before the fair. 

The project

Do you want to be a part of Jönköping University's largest and most visited career fair? Or maybe you are interested in getting involved in a larger project with many other students, which benefits your education and your career opportunities. 

The project group consists of students from different backgrounds and programs who together with JTH and HITECH, create a fair with 100 exhibitors that cover the entire School of Engineering building. We need students who are interested in web, logistics, marketing and more. 

The fair is mainly focused on the School of Engineering students who are scheduled for the fair, but everyone within JU are very welcome. 

With a project manager from JTH and a project group from HITECH, the planning starts at the start of the automn semester.