Knowledge in math, physics and chemistry forms the foundation on which many technical applications are based.


Different mathematics, physics, and chemistry courses are included in every programme at the School of Engineering. All courses can be taken individually. The Department of Mathematics, Physics and Chemical Engineering is responsible for these courses.

We offer preparatory semesters and years for those who want to study engineering at a university, and need to improve their knowledge in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

The teachers at the department have experience of teaching at both university and secondary school level. The courses are often very appreciated by students.


At the Mattestuga, students at the School of Engineering can get help from the school's mathematic teachers with all kinds of mathematic problems.

Mattestugor takes place on Tuesdays from 17-19, room C2003.



The department conducts research in Mathematics and Physics.


You can find the staff at the Department of Supply Chain and Operations Management here.