Natallia Pisareva


Before coming to Sweden I was working as a journalist in Minsk, making interviews and writing articles. I started to collaborate with the newspaper while studying at the Belarusian State University and continued after graduation. I had a very interesting job. I talked to people of many different professions: scientists, doctors, models, and artists. Once I was lucky to meet the dotter of Astrid Lindgren, Karin Nyman, who was visiting Minsk when the book about Pippi Longstocking was translated into Belarusian. I should say, in my country Pippi and Karlsson-on-the-roof are well-known and favourite children´s characters. That meeting impressed me, and woke an initial, deeper than ordinary, interest to Sweden.  

Why did you choose Jönköping International Business School?  

I really liked the programme, Economics and Management of Entertainment and Arts, which had no analogies in the other universities in Sweden. I found it among the other options on and decided to give it a try. Even though my background was in humanitarian sciences, I was very interested in economical aspects of media.  

What do you like the most about Jönköping and Sweden?  

Jönköping has three treasures — nice people, international environment and a beautiful lake. And this is beside entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovativeness, of course. I am also very impressed by the number of people I usually meet at the gym. It is almost always crowded there! I wish people in my country would pay the same attention to their health.           

Tell us a little bit more about your business idea; what is your next step?  

My business idea connects classical arts and business, it expands the frame of the traditional understanding of live performances. I believe that that interest to theatre performances or classical music concerts will always be alive, no matter which new entertainments will appear. However, it should also take new forms and shapes to be "forever young". My next step is to work on the project and develop the idea. I am very grateful to JIBS, to Professor Leona Achtenhagen, who supported me with designing the idea, and to Lennart Israelsson who generously donated money to the university and JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge. For me, this opportunity to create something of my own is very exciting, like travelling to an exotic and unknown country, and I believe my project can make many people a little bit happier.

Content updated 2012-03-12