Frida Åström

Doctoral Student in Disability Research
Department of Communication and Behavioral Sciences , School of Education and Communication
Doctoral Programmes , School of Education and Communication


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Frida is a doctoral student in Disability Research at the School of Education and Communication.

Frida is involved in the research project PEPI (Participation and Engagement in Preschool International) which focuses on participation in preschool for children with and without need for special support in an international perspective. The aim is to study the relation between the preschool environment and children’s participation in preschool here and now, and over time, and to see if the relation differs between children in need of special support and typically functioning children.


Frida has a one-year master’s degree in Psychology from Örebro University, and has in her previous studies focused on preventive interventions, and more specifically, the effect of different parental programs to reduce behavior problems among children and youth.

Research environment

Frida belongs to the research environment CHILD.


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Conference paper

Åström, F. (2019). Characteristics of Swedish Inclusive Preschools Where Children with Special Support Needs Are Highly Engaged. International Society on Early Intervention Conference, Sydney, Australia, June 25-28, 2019. More information

Other publications

Ritoša, A., Mc Hugh, E., Nylander, E., Åström, F., Karlsson, E. (2021). Assessing young children’s engagement in preschool - a scoping review protocol [protocol]. More information


Åström, F. (2022). Mönster i barns observerade delaktighet och närhet till liten grupp med lärare i den svenska förskolans fria lek. Göteborg: Svensk nationell datatjänst More information
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