• New PhD-student
    Frida Lygnegård starts as a new doctoral student in the CHILD-group this coming fall.
    "I think my curiosity and sincere interest in research concerning children will be important when starting this journey", she says.

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  • Vanderbilt Inspires Research Methodology
    CHILD-doctoral student Madeleine Sjöman went on a four month doctoral exchange program to Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. Here she shares her experiences from the EU-US research exchange program.
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  • Researcher appointed Fellow of the College of Teachers
    Roland S. Persson has been appointed "Fellow of The College of Teachers", by a learned society founded in England in 1849 by Queen Victoria. The CHILD-research group says well done, Roland S. Persson!
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  • CHILD-researchers on exchange to Vietnam
    Researchers Karina Huus and Ingalill Gimbler Berglund from the School of Health Sciences went on a teacher's exchange program to Vietnam.
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