Welcome to research seminar arranged by SIDR/Jönköping University

Where: School of Education and Communication, Lecture room Hb220. When: Wednesday March 10, 10am-4pm.

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Implementation research and quality improvement in service provision

Today Evidence based practices is put forward as important in many different service sectors serving people with disabilities, e.g health services, habilitation, social services and school. Evidence based research is primarily focused on providing evidence for the effectiveness of certain practices or intervention programs. But what happens after that in terms of implementation? Is it possible to apply knowledge generated form randomized controlled trials in everyday practices? What do clinicians and other professionals "take up" of the knowledge proved to work under ideal conditions? Can the quality of everyday work be improved without first conducting randomized trials ? Such questions are posed in implementation research and quality improvement work. The seminar will provide opportunities to gain basic knowledge on implementation research and quality improvement with examples within the disability field. Opportunities are also provided for discussing own research related to the implementation field.

Johan Thor, MD, PhD in social medicine, at Karolinska Institutet and Harvard School of Public Health, USA. Johan´s dissertation was titled "Getting going on getting better: how is systematic quality improvement established in a healthcare organization?: Implications for change management theory and practice". Johan work almost full time at Jönköping Academy as director, teacher and researcher.

Boel Andersson-Gäre, MD and PhD, adjunct professor in quality improvement at School of Health Sciences, Jönköping. Boel is the Director of FUTURUM, Jönköping County Council. She has several years of experience of quality improvement work and has been guest professor at Dartmouth Medical Institue, USA. Boel is active in “Bridging the Gap" an international collaboration aimed at bridging the gap between what is known to be good practices and what is actually done in health services.
Mia Pless, licensed physiotherapist and PhD. Mia is currently Director of the Unit for research and development in habilitation and assistive technology at Uppsala county council. Mia has several years of experience of implementation research in the habilitation field.