PhD-student literally nails her doctoral thesis to the wall

CHILD-doctoral student Berit Björkman literally nails her doctoral thesis to the wall at School of Health Sciences at 10.00 am Thursday, 15 May.

The main purpose of Berit Björkman's research has been to study children's and radiographer's perspective on acute radiographic examinations being performed with children in a Radiology Department.
"Children's experience of going through a radiographic examination is rather unexplored", says Berit Björkman.
"Although most radiographers examine and interact with children on a daily basis".

The actual dissertation defense of the doctoral thesis Children in the Radiology Department - a study of anxiety, pain, distress and verbal interaction takes place on Thursday, 5 June, at 10 am in Forum Humanum, School of Health Sciences. Professor Kerstin Öhrling from Luleå University of Technology will be the faculty opponent.

Welcome to attend the defense!

Link to thesis