Information systems and information technology (IT) are today two of the most critical elements of the services, operations, products and management of organisations. The effective and efficient use of IT is a critical factor during business renewal in order to achieve competitive advantage for business organisations and excellence in service for governmental and non-profit organisations. This also applies to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and larger organisations. The general importance of information technology (IT) in organisations and the need for well-educated professionals in the field are the two main bases for Business Informatics at JIBS.

Historically, there has been an obvious focus on development of information systems for businesses. Gradually, it has been proven that this focus has not been enough. There is still, in many ways, a gap between IT-specialists and business management that needs to be bridged. All new business opportunities related to IT-innovations put new demands on how to coordinate business development with IT-development, i.e. business renewal with IT as a facilitator. IT-related issues that we address in a business renewal context are for instance: changes in different business processes enabled by IT, roles and responsibilities in the total development process, planning and coordination of IT support for dynamic organisations, financing and control of IT investments etc. The increased use of systems packages, such as enterprise systems (ES), are also a focused area. Other areas that we work with are aspects of IT-based networks, the connected economy, e-communication, and e-business. For the Informatics department this means that two perspectives are emphasised and combined: 1) the IT perspective (the IT specialist view) dealing with analysis and development of information system and ICT, which is still a main area and 2) the Business perspective (IT-enabled renewal in firms, organisations and society).

The research organisation at Informatics is local and network based. Informatics doctoral students and researchers are active members in research networks such as Management Information Systems (MIT), the research network VITS and the KIO (Knowledge in Organisations) network.

The Informatics master programme at JIBS addresses the two perspectives that are described above. In addition, Informatics is also involved in other programmes at JIBS, and in Tranås and Ljungby. Ljungby has developed a centre for information logistics where Informatics is involved in both the research as well as the bachelor and master programmes.