Learning Practices inside and outside School (earlier School Based Research and Development) has been a research and education field in Sweden since the middle of the 1900s. The field has clear connections to teacher education and to the different areas of pedagogic research within the school system.

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The programme has its basis in pedagogic activity: in the pedagogic theory of practice and practice where these are treated as necessary for each other.

Different perspectives

Learning Practices inside and outside School is historical, systematic or empirical and developed in relation to scientific innovation and social change — from national and international perspectives.  A fundamental part of the research is developing scientific theories and research methods that generate action in practical pedagogic work, in the local society of schools. Over and above basic research this means applied inductive research that allows those involved in pedagogic work themselves to define, critically investigate, review and problematise aspects of the pedagogic work processes of which they are part.

Increased knowledge about learning

Learning Practices inside and outside School further contributes to increased scientific knowledge and theories about learning societies, learning organisations and learning individuals. SLearning Practices inside and outside School is developed from pedagogy and didactics with clear focus on teaching practices. A significant proportion of the area is connected to school research and teacher training and to other areas such as vocational training. Also within public administration and private trade and industry, pedagogic work has a place in knowledge and competence analyses and development different kinds of enterprise.

Fundamental issues for School Based Research and Development

There is a difference made between a narrower and wider demarcation in this field. In the narrow, classic questions are about what education and teaching shall contain and how it shall be made available. In a broader sense: who is to learn, when to learn, with whom to learn, where to learn, through what to learn, why one shall learn, for what one shall learn and who decides the learning. Pedagogic work also covers concrete planning of education and teaching at the national level where issues of social planning, aims and motives for education are dealt with, as well as civic education, through analyses of ideological foundations, political motives etc. that appear in the state and municipal management, dimensioning and planning of the education system and schools.