We conduct research into how action competence for sustainable development may be developed in schools.

The aim of our research is to investigate teachers' experiences and perceptions of teaching action competence for sustainable development (ESD). This, in turn, facilitates identifications of what schools need in terms of support for Education for Sustainable Development. Working together with teachers, to formulate new researchable questions, will guide how future research projects may develop.

We collaborate with the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation as well as with the Jönköping Municipality to implement the so-called Green Flag Initiative (Eco Schools) for teachers in schools and pre-schools. The Green Flag is a tool for teaching activities in the field of sustainable development. Eco School represent the largest international network of schools and pre-schools involved in environmental and sustainable development.

One important objective of Eco Schools is to create action competence amongst children, young people and school staff.

Work is based on six different themes: consumption, climate and energy, recycling, lifestyle and health, local environment, and water resources. The approach is interdisciplinary.

A core idea of the Green Flag concept is to "begin with the actions in order to understand the big issues".

We investigate:
Which are the "actions" that teachers perceive important to "understand the big issues"? And what are the "big issues" according to the teachers?