The Preschool Education Research group is dedicated to exploring issues relevant to preschool provision both in Sweden and internationally.

We are committed to engaging in this research from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives, and through engagement with researchers, educators, students, and community members at all levels of experience (undergraduate, graduate, adjuncts, preschool teachers, principals, among others). Our research focuses on theories and methods relevant for studying learning and development in preschool education:

  • Problematizing the concept teaching in preschool
  • Systematic quality work (including pedagogical quality and documentation)
  • Play and exploratory early childhood pedagogies
  • Early childhood education and care for sustainability
  • Democracy in preschool.
  • Intercultural education.

Within these areas we have or are currently conducting research that addresses more specific concerns, including, among others:

  • Multimodality, children’s meaning-making and digital learning environments in early childhood literacy.
  • Ethics and educare in relation to the youngest children (1 – 3 years of age)
  • Preschool leadership (e.g. in relation to creating culturally inclusive environments; conducting systematic quality work)
  • The development of teaching in early childhood education for sustainability settings.
  • Family participation in the development of democratic & culturally diverse preschool cultures
  • Preschool didactics in relation to math education
  • Conceptions and uses of technology in preschool