Here you find useful information regarding how to make the best of your housing during your stay.

For hygienic reasons bed linen must be used! 

No sleeping bags allowed.

You need:

  • a pillowcase (örngott)
  • sheets (lakan)
  • duvet cover (påslakan)

These things can be bought (often in sets) at IKEA for 100-200 SEK

If you do not use bedlinen, the landlord will fine you 700 SEK fot the cost of a new blanket, pillow and mattress pad.

It is important that everybody helps out and clean to keep a livable environment. If you do not have any cleaning experience please don’t hesitate to ask your fellow students, contact person or the Accommodation office.

  • Your room, common areas and the kitchen have to be kept clean
  • The cleaning schedule provided for common areas must be followed
  • Cleaning supplies must be bought by the students if it runs out
  • Always remember to clean the mop and cloth after using it and before putting it back where it belongs. Otherwise they will get moldy and smelly.

How to clean


  • Use the toilet brush with cleaning detergent and clean the inside of the toilet.
  • Use a cloth to clean the sink and the outside of the toilet.
  • Finally vacuum the floor with the vacuum cleaner, but only if the floor is dry.
  • Mop the floor with the mop. Do not forget to mix cleaning liquid in the water!


  • Use a cloth (NOT the one used for the toilet) and wipe the shower.
  • Clean hair and other dirt from the drains.
  • Mop the floor with the mop. Don’t forget to mix cleaning supply in the water.


  • Wipe the table, sink, stove etc with a cloth. Use cleaning supplies.
  • Vacuum and mop the floor.
  • All garbage must be thrown in the bins provided.
  • Only use the bins provided to your house, do not take garbage with you and throw away somewhere else. Using your neighbours’ bins is strictly forbidden.
  • For the environment and to make some money most bottles and cans can be returned for recycling by using machines in ICA, Coop etc.

For everyone´s best clean the laundry area, including the machines, after using the laundry room.

Please use environmentally friendly detergents. Do not use more than necessary.

Laundry nets must be used when washing bras.

Wipe off the washing machines, floor and clean away any residue detergent. Remove fluff and sand from filters in dryers. Clean up after yourself and return cleaning equipment to the proper locations. The filter must be emptied after using the tumble dryer.

After washing, make sure that all windows are closed and the lights are turned off.

Large rugs and carpets may NOT be washed here.

This might be a whole new experience. Unless you know a few things about Swedes and their food habits. To help you navigate the food aisles we have put together a checklist to make it a little easier. 

Full fat milk 3% - Mjölk

Semi skimmed milk 1.5 % - Mellanmjölk

Skimmed milk 0.5 % - Lättmjölk

Soured Milk - Filmjölk

Sour Cream - Gräddfil

Heavy cream - Vispgrädde

Yoghurt - Yoghurt

Butter - Smör

Cheese - Ost

Pork minced meat - Fläskfärs

Beef minced meat - Nötfärs

Mixed minced meat (pork and beef) – Blandfärs

Pickled herring – Sill , a Swedish all time favorite

Washing-up liquid – Diskmedel

Detergent – Tvättmedel

Fabric Softener – Mjukmedel

Toothpaste – Tandkräm

Toothbrush – Tandborste

Soap - Tvål

If you suspect your room has got bedbugs it is important that you report this immediately to book an inspection. If the Accommodation Office confirms that there are bedbugs, then they will send over a pest control company that will take further actions. It is important that you follow the given instructions.

It is not allowed to change room or apartment because of vermin and pests. This is because of the risk of spreading the problem. Be careful not to bring items and clothing from an affected room to another without treating them correctly.

Beside the sanitation company the tenant should also wash all their clothes, bed linen etc. in at least 60 degrees in order to prevent further spreading. After washing everything must be put in sealed plastic bags. The Accommodation Office cannot take any responsibility from damage due to shrinkage.

Please note, insects such as flies, small spiders, daddy longlegs, bees and bumblebees are common both in and outdoors in Sweden and does not count as vermin.