Who is this course for?

This course is intended for anyone interested in learning the Swedish language to pursue an education or for someone who wants to travel to Sweden and/or explore Swedish culture. This is a perfect starting course for newcomers who have decided to move to Sweden permanently or for those who are thinking about changing careers and working in Sweden.

What will you achieve?

You will learn about the basics in the Swedish language, which include the alphabet, readings, writing, basic grammar, and some facts about life in Sweden.

You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and have discussions with people from around the world.

You will develop basic communication and vocabulary skills in Swedish.

How is this course structured?

This course is divided into 7 Modules. Each module has a lesson, exercises, videos, and discussion forums.

You can complete this course at your own pace. This course will not provide you with any certification in the Swedish language, but it will be a good introduction to the Swedish language.


This course is for English speakers who wish to learn the Swedish language.

The education is conducted at: Jönköping University Enterprise- JUE
local_library Place of study: Distance/Online
place Location: Online
clear_all Level: Beginner
data_usage Fees: No Tuition. Free course
language Language: English

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Step 1: Navigate to the course enrollment page provided by the university.

Step 2: On the enrollment page, please provide your full name and personal email address in the designated fields.

Step 3: Click the 'Enroll' button to submit your information and complete the enrollment process.

Step 4: Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled in the Introduction to Swedish course.

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