Therese sees the world as her future working place

As soon as I came to JIBS, I felt “this is me”. My studies are all about participation, leadership and economy and I love it.

Studying here is absolutely challenging and that is how I like life to be. One course that has been really interesting was Marketing Communication where we had a competition, to pitch a marketing idea for a real company. The company and our teachers formed the jury and my team shared first place, which of course was a lot of fun!

I like the fact that I have so many alternatives for going abroad. I know that many universities give you that opportunity but from here you can go wherever you want in the whole world. At campus, I have met many students from other countries, with different cultures and they have taught me a lot. All companies are becoming more global and I see the world as my future working place.

Jönköping is perfect. Since the campus is big, it really feels like it is a major part of the city. The nature, with all the water, is really nice. And if you want to explore bigger cities, it is easy to travel from here.

Student, Marketing Management, Jönköping International Business School

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