Visual Effects

Higher Education Diploma, 120 credits

Location & housing: Eksjö

Start date: Cancelled

Study Abroad

Industrial Placement

We will not be admitting new students to this programme for the Autumn 2019 admission cycle. 

Do you want to work as a visual effects artist in the film and advertising industry? Are you technologically and/or artistically inclined? This programme will guide you through the visual effects processes in order to produce production-quality material.

We use different softwares as tools to re-create ideas and our goal is to navigate you through the processes and the techniques behind visual effects. You will learn how to solve upcoming issues through set time frames also how to make your workflow more efficient when producing photorealistic production quality material.

The lectures are held by guest lecturers from the industry, ensuring a great network throughout your education. We also have a global perspective to this programme, by inviting international lecturers and fostering close contact with international film industry companies.

We specialise in the collaboration between the 3D artists and the Compositors who works closely together in real working situations.

Taking this to consideration we keep the two profiles under the same roof; Digital Compositing and 3D visualisation. Common for these profiles are courses where you learn the different production phases, time estimation, group dynamics, camera techniques and imagery.

Below you can read more about what courses are included in the two profiles.

Read an interview with Sofia Delis, Program Director – Visual Effects, Campus i12

Gain insight into all parts of compositing and learn to handle the tools you need to, for example, retouch lines that keep an actor hanging in the air, produce set extensions and integrate rendered 3D in live action material.

Learn to make high quality 3D productions within a set time frame for commercial and film productions. This can, for example, include modelling, texturing, shading, lighting and animating objects and scenes.

The programme is taught at Campus i12 External link, opens in new window. in Eksjö – one of Sweden's premier educators in visual effects. Eksjö is situated about 60 kilometres east of Jönköping. 

Read more about the location and the accommodation that is offered for international students who have been accepted to the under graduate programme Visual Effects.

2 years, 120 credits. The programme leads up to a Higher Education Diploma with specialisation in Digital Visualisation.

After the programme you will be a compositor or 3D-artist (depending on which profile you choose).


Check out this showreel with some nice examples made by our students during their studies and internships.


120 credits



Rate of study


Place of study

Campus i12, Eksjö



Start date

August 19, 2019


General entry requirements include high school diploma.
Proof of English profiency is required. Read more about our English Requirements.

Read more about our Admissions Requirements.


Higher Education Diploma

Tuition fees

130,000 SEK per year

Tuition fees do NOT apply for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students

Year 1

  • CGI Introduction 6 credits
  • Pre Production 6 credits
  • Digital Image Management 6 credits
  • Post Production I, Flows and Processes 6 credits

Profile: Digital Compositing

  • Compositing I, 9 credits
  • Rotoscoping and Plate Preparation, 9 credits
  • Compositing II, 9 credits
  • On Set Supervision DC, 9 credits

Profile: 3D visualisation

  • 3D I, 9 credits
  • 3D Animation, 9 credits
  • 3D II, 9 credits
  • On Set Supervision 3D, 9 credits

Year 2

  • Post Production II, Flows and Processes, 9 credits
  • Research Methods and Communication, 6 credits
  • Final Project Work, 9 credits
  • Industrial Placement Course, 27 credits

Profile: Digital Compositing

  • Compositing III, 9 credits

Profile: 3D visualization

  • 3D III - Technical Direction, 9 credits
  • 3D III - Look Development, 9 credits

The Oscars

Former students win at the Oscars. Read more here External link, opens in new window..

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