“Creating is not good enough.I want to create better.”

The Swedish industry was one of my reasons for choosing Sweden and JU. I was really impressed by the international relevance of the research undertaken by JU in the materials field, and how good the programme prepared me for my later experience in materials research.

When I started my studies in industrial design, I was eager to learn how to create things. Further on, I realized that creating was not enough, nor even always a good thing. I wanted to “create better”. That’s why I decided to attend the master’s programme at JU. Today, I work as an industrial design coordinator at B&G Electronics, a company from Bogotá that designs and manufactures electronic products. I am involved in the product development process from the generation of requirements, through concept development to validation.

Nothing completely prepares you for work life, but my studies at JU gave me the background knowledge and confidence for further preparation. For example, I had the opportunity to do an internship with the Swedish truck manufacturer Scania within casting simulations –a subject I became interested in while studying in Jönköping; I didn’t know everything but I knew enough to teach myself. I think that my manufacturing knowledge from JU was of interest to my current employer when applying for the job, in addition to my unique experience at different stages of the product development process. As a result, since the company I work at is small, the reach of my current position is very wide.

Monica Navarro Aranda
Former Student, Product Development and Materials Engineering, School of Engineering
Industrial Design Coordinator, Bogotá, Colombia

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