Kristina work at the partner company Knowit

”In-depth knowledge of usability, technology and organization."”

Usability is a quality concept and how useful a product or service is all depends on the context in which it is used. Understanding user needs and how they are linked to organizational goals help us see the big picture, which in turn gives us insight into how a product or service can best achieve an expected impact.

Kristina Wollter, Projektledare Knowit

Kristina Wollter, Project leader at Knowit

This Master Programme in User Experience Design provides you with advanced knowledge in usability, technology and organization, which is becoming increasingly essential in the digital age. Whether you sit with the mobile at home on the couch, or in front of your computer at work.

At Knowit we are passionate about this; we look at the entire picture, alongside with our customers on their digital journey. Visualization of the relationship between users, technology and business goals is the key to developing products and services that contribute to the desired effects.

Kristina Wollter
Project Leader, Knowit

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