Researchers at Jönköping University can publish open access in a great number of journals published by Springer without having to pay any author fee, a so-called APC (Article Processing Charge).

This is made possible by a Swedish national consortium agreement called Springer Compact in which Jönköping University participates. The agreement is currently valid from 2018 and onwards.

Through the agreement, the article will be made freely available to everyone, including those who have not access to via subscription.

Which journals are covered by the agreement?

The agreement comprises Springer’s approximately 1,650 hybrid journals which are part of their platform Open Choice.

List of all journals covered by the agreement (PDF). Pdf, 2.1 MB, opens in new window.

Which article types are covered by the agreement?

The types of articles that are covered by the agreement are:

Original Paper – Standard article, usually presenting new results; articles published under this article type may also be referred to as Original Research, Original Article, Original Paper or Research Paper.

ReviewPaper – Standard article, interpreting previously published results.

Who can use the agreement?

In order to use this service you must be the corresponding author of the article and be affiliated with Jönköping University. This should also be stated in the article.

The corresponding author is the main responsible author, i.e. the person who submits the manuscript and handles contact with the publisher during the publishing process.

What do I have to do?

When you, as a corresponding author, have had your article accepted, Springer will send you a link to the MyPublication form. You will be asked to state your affiliation from a list of names. After this process is completed, Springer and your affiliated institution will verify that you are affiliated with Jönköping University.

Please make sure to use your institutional email address ( to ensure that Springer can identify you easily.

Detailed information from Springer about MyPublication Pdf, 818.9 kB, opens in new window.