Christoph Merschbrock

Senior Lecturer


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Christoph Merschbrock, works as senior lecturer at Jönköping University's department of building engineering. He received his PhD in information systems from the University of Agder (Kristiansand, Norway), and his MSc degree in civil engineering from Reykjavik University - School of Science and Engineering (Reykjavik, Iceland), where he graduated top of his class. Before joining academia, Christoph worked for several years in engineering projects including the Fjardaál smelter project in East Iceland (documented in a MegaStructures program of the National Geographic Channel). His research interests are information and communication technology (ICT) innovations in the construction industry and construction management. His work has been presented in well reputed international journals including Communications of the AIS, Computers in industry, and the ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering. Christoph has won two prizes for his academic work namely the '2014 article of the year award' granted by the International Journal of e-Collaboration and the 'best paper award' at the 2015 Nordic Construction Economics and Organization Conference


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Conference paper

Gustavsson, A., Valtersson, M., Merschbrock, C., Johansson, P. (2021). Exploring the utility of AR for quality inspections in timber-frame house production – A case study from Småland, Sweden. 38th International Conference of CIB W78, Luxembourg, 13-15 October. More information
Noruwa, B., Merschbrock, C., Arewa, A., Agyekum-Mensah, G. (2018). Institutional foundations of construction ICT: A view from the West Midlands of England. 34th Annual Association of Researchers in Construction Management Conference, ARCOM 2018; Belfast; United Kingdom; 3 - 5 September 2018. More information
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