Salil Sainis

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Born and brought up in India, Salil Sainis completed his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology in 2014. He moved to The Netherlands immediately after to pursue a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology. Since June of 2018, he has started his doctoral research at the Department of Materials and Manufacturing under the supervision of Prof. Caterina Zanella. His project is funded by the European Commission's Horizon2020 grant initiative under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions program. Through this project, he is one of 15 Early Stage Researchers in the 'mCBEEs' Innovative Training Network spread throughout Europe.


An enthusiast in the science of materials, Salil Sainis has worked on titanium alloys, aluminum alloys and steels. His bachelor's thesis investigated the precipitation hardening sequence in metastable β-Ti alloys. For his master's thesis, he worked on the kinetics of bainite transformation in steels. His current PhD research focuses on understanding the role of microstructure in the deposition of cerium conversion compounds.

As part of the mCBEEs consortium agreement, Salil Sainis will collaborate and be a visiting researcher at the Center for Surface Science and Nanotechnology in Bucharest, Romania in 2019, CIDETEC in San Sebastian, Spain in 2020 and ETH Zurich, Switzerland in 2021 for a period or two months each.


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