Nasik Najar

Acting Senior Lecturer Building Projects


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Najar, N., Persson, K. (2022). Assessing Climate Adaptation and Flood Security Using a Benchmark System: Some Swedish Water Utilities as Good Learning Examples Water, 14(18). More information
Najar, N., Persson, K. (2021). A sustainability index within water and wastewater management in Sweden: An evaluation of eight case studies Water, 13(14). More information
Najar, N., Persson, M. (2019). Strategies, processes, and results for the future water supply of the Växjö municipality: Evaluation of an evidence-based case study of long-term strategies within the water and wastewater sector in Sweden Water, 11(10). More information
Al-Najjar, N. (2007). The future water supply of Växjö municipality – evaluation of different alternatives Vatten, 63(4), 299-312. More information
Al-Najjar, N., Hultman, B. (2004). The water and wastewater situation in Iraq – problems and possibilities for counter-measures Vatten, 60(4), 269-274. More information

Conference paper

Najar, N., Hultman, B. (2009). Water management and technology in Swedish municipalities - assessment of possibilities of exchange and transfer of experiences. The International conference on an International Perspective on Environment and Water Resources, Bangkok, Thailand, 5-7 January 2009. More information
Najar, N., Hultman, B. (2007). Cost-effective water supply and sanitation. 2nd Environmental conference- Water (KECW007), 22-24 April 2007, Dohuk, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. More information

Licentiate thesis

Najar, N. (2010). Water management and performance on local and global scales: A comparison between two regions and their possibilities of knowledge transfer (Licentiate thesis, Stockholm: Department of Land and Water Resources Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology). More information