Frequently asked questions regarding digital examination in Inspera.

What happens when the Internet connection goes down during the exam?

The students may continue to sit their exam, even with a lost Internet connection. When it’s time for submission, click on the Submit now-button. An encrypted file will be saved onto the host computer including all data that has not been uploaded to Inspera already. The encrypted file can be found in the Downloads i folder in Windows or IOSx.

It is imperative that you as a student contact the JU exam organisation if you have experienced an incident where the Internet connection has been lost for a longer time before submission. Short disconnects will not affect the submission, as Inspera will upload all data once the Internet connection has been reestablished.

Before the exam

1. In which system do I write my digital exam?

You will write your exam in a web based system called Inspera Assessment. Any other previous system that may have been used will be discontinued.

2. Will I be able to try the system before my Exam?

You are able to write a Demo Exam, innumerable times. More info about demo exam here

3. How do I enroll for the exam?

As usual, you sign up at Ladok web services Ladok web services External link, opens in new window.

4. When do I need to be in place in the exam room?

You need to be on site at least 20 minutes before the start of the exam. Make sure to be logged on at least 10 minutes before the start of the exam to make sure everything work alright.

5. What preparations are needed to perform a digital exam in Inspera?

You need to retain your username information for for your JU-account. If you've lost this information, please go to External link, opens in new window. or contact the IT-helpdesk.

6. What is Safe Exam Browser (SEB)?

Safe Exam Browser is a special web browser aimed at performing safe exams. When SEB is activated, it is not possible to start other applications or execute any files on the computer.

During the exam

1. How do I commence with my exam?

Go to External link, opens in new window. and log in, using your JU-account e-mail ex When starting the test you will need the password that will be posted in the exam room.

2. Will I be able to get extended time, if the computer crashes?

Yes, the invigilator will add extra time if the interruption lasts for a considerable amount of time.

3. Do I need do save my exam manually?

No, your answers will be saved automatically every 15 seconds in the cloud and on your computer.

4. What happens if I should lose my Internet connection?

No submissions can be lost, since it's automatically synced into the cloud and on to your computer. Should the interruption last for a more extended period of time, while writing, the invigilator will transfer your submissions to Inspera.

5. Will I be able to perform my exam anonymously?

Yes, it will be possible as of the autumn of 2018.

6. Is there risk of cheating in the system?

No, cheating isn't possible, since Safe Exam Browser, temporarily prevents any other activity on the computer.

7. Is it possible to skip questions on the exam?

Yes, you may choose to answer only select questions.

8. Is it possible to mark off a question that I need to return to?

Yes, there is a flag icon to your upper right corner of the screen. Clicking on it will mark off the question and provide it with a flag in the navigation bar, in the bottom of the screen.

9. Is it possible to hand in a blank submission?

As of the autumn of 2018, it will be possible.

10. Is it possible to alter already answered questions?

Yes, if the teacher hasn't restricted the possibility to navigate backwards for that particular exam.

11. Will I be able to do sketches in my submissions?

Yes, for Essay Type Questions, there is a simple sketching function.

12. Is it possible to copy & paste?

Yes, but only within the framework of the exam.

13. What do I do if I run into technical problems during an exam?

Please, call for an invigilator as soon as anything unforeseen happens.

14. May I bring my own keyboard and computer mouse to the exam?

No, but there will be a limited amount of equipment for loan in the exam room.

15. How can I be aware of the remainder of time for the exam?

In the upper left corner of the screen you will find a timer. Also, the system clock is visible in the right down corner of your screen.

16. Where can I find more information on digital examination?

You´ll find more info at

After the exam

1. How can I see my results and marks?

Once your exam has been assessed by your teacher, go to External link, opens in new window. and log on using your JU email adress and your JU account password. There you will find your results and mark. The teacher has the choice of publishing different amounts of your assessed exam.Your results on your Inspera exam will always be visible to you as logged into Inspera with your student email account, provided that the grading has been completed. Before that you will not get to see any results page nor will you see your submission! Please, be aware of this.

2. How can I see my exam in a post-submission view?

You may then also see your submission (your exam) in Inspera as soon as the examiner has ticked the option: "Allow student post-submission review". By then your submission will also be available to be viewed in the JU-mobile app (as a PDF) and logged in to Also, there will be published your results and grade.

If you do not see your submission in Inspera:

1. Contact your examiner and inform him/her about the exams not being published to students
2. If s/he says it has been done and you should still not be able to view your exam, please ask the examiner to contact us via the case management system

You will have to choose the Archive-tab and then click on your preferred exam to see your results and your submitted exam.

You are also able to view your result and your submission on Inspera exams in the JU-app, in the same manner as the other exams. The view is also accessable in JU-mobile.
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