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It is important to meet the requirements for the School of Engineering to be able to participate in exchange abroad.

When you are applying you must have at least 80% of the possible number of points within your programme. These must be approved and reported to Ladok by the deadline of the selection.

The selection is based on the following

Points are given for the three parts and the total determines a student’s rank in the priority group.

  • Credits belonging to the study programme at School of Engineering.
  • One factor is given for grade point average.
  • Extra curricular activities. You travel as an ambassador for the School of Engineering and therefore you can include other qualifications, such as involvement in HI TECH and the university. Engagement provides Study abroad points according to a certain list, available at HI TECH, along with instructions on how to get the points. If you want to have these points included in the selection this must be reported to HINT at certain times during the academic year.

Priority Groups

Students are divided into different priority groups in the competition depending on if the student apply for a "selected international semester" in the study programme or another semester. Additional factors also affect the priority group: If a student has already accepted a place in the selection but then wants to find one for a second exchange semester, priority will go to those who have not had a place before. Also, a student who declines an offered place will be moved into a lower priority group at the next application period, unless there are special circumstances.

The "selected international semester" in your programme

Information about the "selected international semester" and available options for the Exchange semester is found for each programme at Opportunities.

Additional information

It is not possible to participate in the exchange programme after year 2 (master students) or year 3 (bachelor students).

Continuation study requirements

In order to begin the second or third year in your study programme, a minimum number of credits from the programme’s earlier year must be completed. These criterias also applies for starting your exchange studies.

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