Content updated 2019-09-24

Your personal details in StudentLadok

Please check that your personal details in Student-Ladok are correct.

As a student at JU, you must register for all your courses in Student-Ladok. If you have failed to register, please contact the administration at your school.

  • You can register a temporary postal address in Student-Ladok on your own. If you have a Swedish personal identity number and report a change of address to the Swedish Tax Agency, your address in Ladok is updated automatically (your personal details in Ladok are updated each Friday).
  • If you have a Swedish personal identity number, also your name is retrieved directly from the Swedish Tax Agency. Thus, you should contact the Swedish Tax Agency if your name is incorrect. The name registered in Student-Ladok is shown on transcripts and certificates (including your degree certificate).
  • In Student-Ladok, you can enter an email address for your exam result notifications. Please note that even if you do not enter your JU email address, this is the address that we generally use when we communicate with you.
    The email address registered in Student-Ladok is mainly used for exam result notifications.

    Students with interim personal identity numbers
    If you have obtained a Swedish personal identity number from the Swedish Tax Agency, you should visit our Service Center and have them register your new number. Please remember to bring your identification documents. Your personal identity number is displayed on your JU card and in the top right-hand corner in Student-Ladok. The number is also shown on transcripts and certificates (including your degree certificate).

    Log into Student-Ladok.
  • Go to “My pages” in the top right corner.
    Please note! If you are logging in using your mobile phone, you can find “My pages” below the menu button.
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