Sidan uppdaterad 2019-03-13


Here you can find actual information about the new partnerships, scholarships and extra exchange possibilities that might be of interest for you.


  • HoGent Interdisciplinary Summer School: Improving quality of life through quality of care Öppnas i nytt fönster.. Designed to foster interdisciplinary and intercultural learning for bachelor students within the broad study fields of Health, Nursing, Education, Speech Therapy, Social Work, Dietetics & Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Special Needs Education/Orthopedagogy. Mountains of the Moon University campus
    Fort Portal, Uganda. Friday 16th til Saturday 31st August 2019. Please read more by clicking the link above.
  • International Summer course on the Use of Creativity and Occupational Therapy. 6-13th of September 2019 Dworp, Belgium More information available on IntApps .

Some Occupational Therapy equipment, Chiang Mai Thailand.

International Credit Mobility Project with Chiang Mai University, Thailand (2020 - 2022)