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Näringslivsförlagd kurs i Production Engineering and Management (Industrial Placement in Production Engineering and Management) 7,5 hp

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This course includes participating in professional practice relevant to the filed of production engineering and management. The students will have the opportunity to contribute knowledge and help develop companies’ processes and work through carrying out of a project task. The course´s purpose is to give the student experience from an industrial placement. The professional content in the course is based on the job requestors needs and the objective and adequateness of the Production Engineering and Management programe.

The course includes the following elements:
-Applying knowledge from previous courses
-Formulation of technical and scientific problems
-Planning of the work
-Identification of knowledge needed for solving the provided project task
-Collection, processing, and analysis of data
-Development of a solution for the provided project task
-Written scientific report
-Oral presentation, and opposition


Passed courses at least 90 credits within the major subject industrial engineering and management, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering (or the equivalent), and 15 credits in mathematics. At least 30 credits in the master´s programme should be approved (or the equivalent). Proof of English proficiency is required.

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