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Human-System Integration 7,5 hp

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The course provides knowledge and insights about the role of humans and organizations in the design of complex systems, regarding new technologies, people and organizations that are or will be using them, with the central issue of coordination of autonomous (or semiautonomous) agents. This also includes methods and tools to enable moving from rigid automation to flexible autonomy.

The course includes the following elements:
- Emergent functions and structures within an active system of systems
- Resilience and state-space transitions
- Work as Imagined versus Work as Actually Done
- Synetic change management
- Functional Resonance Analysis Method
- Organization-driven and Human-driven Flexibility of Sociotechnical systems
- Multi-agent co-adaptive systems


Kurser omfattande minst 150 hp inom programmet ska vara godkända inklusive Produkt- och processergonomi 7,5 hp och Industriella produktionssystem 7,5 hp samt Intelligent dataanalys 7,5 hp

Utbildningsnivå: Avancerad nivå A1F
Kurskod/Ladokkod: TS4S22
Kursen ges vid: Tekniska Högskolan
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