JU är en plats för framtida ledare

The best thing about JU is that it's not just a school, but a place where future leaders are born.

Przemyslaw, student, with JIBS in the background

Here I get both a high-quality education and a great chance to build a personal global network, which is very important for me since my goal is to eventually get a position at the UN. Studying at JU gives me an opportunity to explore and discover the world and many cultures without moving from place to place – since JU brings the whole world to Jönköping.

After having completed my bachelor's degree in International Management at Jönköping International Business School I am now doing my first year of the master’s programme Global Management. The freedom you get as a student at JU is very different from what I am used to, you get to manage your study time more independently.

As the president of the RE-ACT Student Club, which focuses on sustainability, I am able to make a real impact, learn about sustainability in management and influence others with my ideas. Being involved in a student organisation is also great for my social life and helps me build my network.

The environment at JU is diverse and stimulating. You meet people who inspire you to try things you would never think about doing. It's a great atmosphere for developing your creativity. Student life is fun with a lot of “Swedish student life” influences. Traditions, games and songs celebrated by Swedes make international students come out of their box, which often leads to lots of fun.

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