• Seminars on co-production

    Jönköping Academy has a seminar series together with the Dartmouth Institute in the USA and the international network ICoHN.
  • A course on Co-production

    Welcome to a flexible, online distance course on co-production in health and welfare. During this applied and reflective course, you can learn about co-production and how to apply it into practice.
  • Resonance

    Welcome to the Micro system festival Feb 28 – March 2, in Jönköping. The festival is celebrating 20 years! JA is, as usual, part of the festival.
  • Podcast

    ICoHN is committed to sharing lessons learned and to disseminating improvements and innovation, now also in podcast format.
  • Seminars

    Our seminars are open to anyone who is curious and wants to learn more. Contact Sofi Fristedt if you want to join. Some seminars are held in Swedish, others can be held in English, read more below.