Sustainable Business Talks

Podcast #3 available now

The third podcast in the Sustainable Business Talks is focused on Cradle-to-Cradle design and is available to listen to now.

Image of smiling woman standing in front of a green plant

Host of the Podcast: Dr Ulla Saari

The new podcast series – Sustainable Business Talks – brings together academics from various fields of research on social innovation and sustainability, and practitioners from sustainability-oriented companies, to discuss the major challenges and future opportunities on moving over to a circular economy.

Podcast #3 is focussed on Cradle-to-Cradle design.. How can companies that are implementing cradle-to-cradle design principles help to have a positive impact on society?

Listen to the podcast at Spotify, Libsyn, iTunes (search for Vertikala samtal) or via this link External link, opens in new window..