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Digital Supply Chain Management course offers five modules that equip students with competencies to manage digital transformation in supply chains.

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What is Digital Supply Chain Management?

The purpose of this course is to discover the drivers and challenges of digital transformation of supply chains and to explore the key competencies needed for practitioners to promote and manage this process. Structured around five modules, this course offers an overview of how to develop digital supply chain strategies and readjust organizational structures to align with the latest technologies, managing the sharing of information and strategic sourcing, identifying digital initiatives to improve supply chain innovation and resilience and how digital technologies support the development of sustainable supply chains.

The 15 credits course on Digital Supply Chain Management

is designed in 5 parts of 3 credits each:

  • Module 1: Understanding and managing challenges in digital supply chain transformation
  • Module 2: Discovering practices for digital information sharing in supply chains and using customer insights
  • Module 3: Applying digital initiatives to improve agility, resilience and responsiveness in supply chains
  • Module 4: Developing digital supply chain strategies by using relevant competencies
  • Module 5: Digital technologies to support the development of sustainable supply chains

Connection to Research and Practice

This course is designed and delivered in collaboration with the Media, Management and Transformation Centre (MMTC) at Jönköping International Business School. During this course, MMTC researchers together with industry experts will share their expertise about digital transformation in supply chains. During the course, you will explore the benefits of using digital technologies and how to gain more value in your supply chains. You will be able to reflect on the best ways in which your specific supply chains can be enhanced through digital technologies. In addition, you will be able to understand the relevant practices in digital supply chains which improve your firm’s ability to gain a competitive advantage in dynamic and volatile market conditions.

Course Examiner: Mohammad Eslami

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