We are proud to offer our employees a secure employment with good conditions and benefits.

Benefits for JU employees

We offer flexible working hours, which makes it possible for our staff to combine a successful professional life with a full private life.

All JU employees enjoy a host of benefits. These are only some of them:

  • Agreements regarding working hours. As for instance, annual working hours, flexible working hours with a generous framework, working hours in confidence etc., depending on your role
  • Wellness and fitness activities subsidy
  • Increasing number of holiday days (28 days until the year you turn 29, 31 days from the year you turn 30 and 35 days from the year you turn 40)
  • Possibility to choose salary sacrifice to pension schemes
  • Healthcare compensation and medication subsidy
  • Additional parental leave pay
  • Possibility of absence with no salary deduction (applicable to certain types of events/activities, regulated in the collective agreement)

Professional development

When our employees develop, so does JU. All professional development at Jönköping University is based on the strategies and needs stated in the operational plans of each school and department. Professional development of our staff is vital and constitutes an important factor in the university´s ability to take on future challenges in a successful way.

International exchange

All JU employees have the opportunity to take part in international exchange through the Erasmus+ scholarship programme. To visit a foreign higher education institution is an excellent way to get new ideas and develop in your professional role. We encourage our employees to take the opportunity and exchange ideas and experiences with European colleagues, and at the same time develop their expertise in an international environment.

Introduction of new employees

When you arrive at a new workplace, it is essential that you feel welcome and receive an early introduction to your new tasks and new employer. Therefore, JU offers an introduction process to make new employees feel welcome and relaxed in their new environment, but also to make them feel as an active participant already from the start. The introduction process also includes the planning of your continued professional development.

Collective agreements

Jönköping University (JU) is a voluntary member of the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and are therefore covered by all government collective agreements concerning salary and working conditions. In addition, JU has several local additional collective agreements.

You can read an English summary concerning the terms of salary and working conditions at JU, English shortfacts on collective agreements at JU Pdf, 153.9 kB, opens in new window..

Below are some of the agreements in full-text (most of them in Swedish):