Jönköping University (JU) gives out the award "Alumni of the Year" to former students, either who have made outstanding contributions in their professional role, or having distinguished themselves with an act that JU deems worthy of attention. JU appoints the Alumni of the Year during the week of Academic Ceremony.
Everyone is welcome to make suggestions on who should be nominated. Nomination forms will be coming soon.

Criteria taken into account:

  • The alumnus must have completed an educational programme at one of the companies within JU.
  • The alumnus has achieved something out of the ordinary in his/her career, in a special commitment or something that is worth noting and that is connected to JU's vision. This can, for example, be about entrepreneurship and innovation, collaboration, community involvement, or an important cultural act.
  • The alumnus has an interest in being an ambassador for JU and a role model for current and future students.
  • Meritorous is if the alumnus has been involved in JU's activities or the Student Union during their studies.


  1. Based on the proposals received, the management group within each company nominates two people for this year's alumni award. The nominees are contacted to approve their nomination.
  2. The Executive Team at Jönköping University constitutes a jury and appoints the alumni which receives the Alumni of the Year Award.
  3. During the week of Academic Cermony, the Alumni of the Year are invited, physically or digitally, to a joint ceremony followed by a panel discussion organised by Career Center.
  4. The alumnus can then be invited to his/her school or company within JU to, for example, give a lecture or participate in a labor market day.

Nominate Alumni of the Year 2022!

For the award that will be presented in 2022, the last day to nominate is 20 August. Link to the form coming soon.