In this series of interviews, those who have been part of Jönköping University's journey give us an insight into how the university has developed and why it plays such an important role in the region and beyond.

Porträtt på Gösta Gunnarsson

Gösta Gunnarsson

Former governor of Jönköping county

"In the end, both business, municipalities, and county councils were on board with the journey."

Porträtt på Agneta Marell

Måns Svensson

President of Jönköping University

"Our aim is to become a highly desirable employer, with a special emphasis on nurturing and retaining the exceptional talents we have at JU."

Porträtt på Guénola Nonet och Sofia Kjellström

Annie Lööf

Board member in the foundation board

"Sustainability, internationalization, and entrepreneurship are fundamental values ​​for the university."

Porträtt på Mattias Bransmo och Gustav Österström

Emil Jungåker

JIBS alumnus & Sales Manager at LinkedIn

"I see the university's international reputation growing even stronger, making it the foremost educational destination in the Nordics for students seeking to broaden their horizons in a truly international setting."

Porträtt på Tim Nilsson

Anne-Marie Suutari

Alumnus of the School of Health Sciences and senior physician in internal medicine and cardiology at Höglandssjukhuset, Eksjö, also serving as a lecturer at University West.

"My education taught me how to use scientific evidence to make real improvements; what I learned bridged the gap between research and better care."

Porträtt på Mattias Bransmo och Gustav Österström

Johnny Nguyen

Media and Communication student at HLK

"My time at the university has been an enriching adventure and a boost for my career."