Anne-Sophie Naumann

Doctoral Student in Media and Communications
Doctoral Programmes , School of Education and Communication


Anne-Sophie Naumann's research focus is social news (family sections) in Swedish newspapers. Since Swedish newspapers became a well-established part of everyday life, social news has been a popular and well-read part of the newspaper. Today, when the digital technology gives the individual other possibilities to provide information about itself and its family, the concurrent volume of social news increases simultaneously with increasing costs of advertisments. The social news leads the readers to the remaining news, a way of attracting readers.

In her Ph.D. dissertation, she will set out from the expression" the individualized society", and examine how social news has developed, in the intention to view society's sights on the individual. The theoretical basis for some of her arguments is found in texts of Zygmunt Bauman and Anthony Giddens. 


Anne-Sophie Naumann has been employed as a lecture in Media and Communication at the School of Education and Communication since 2002 til 2022. In 2003 she became a Ph.D. student.