Brown Bag Seminar in Economics and Finance

The Brown Bag seminar offers both external and internal speakers a forum to present recent research projects in Economics and Finance. Always on Mondays, 12:10-12:55 (during the lecture period) in B5002 and via Zoom.


Monday 27 March, 2023, in person

Axel Cronert, Uppsala University
Title: Origin country institutions and immigrant retirement timing
Organiser: Johannes Hagen,

Monday 3 April, 2023, in person

Tabaré Capitán, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Title: Using prenudges to super charge a nudge

Organiser: Anna Nordén,

Monday 10 April, 2023

No seminar - Easter Monday

Monday 17 April, 2023, in person

Paula Roth, Swedish House of Finance
Title: Severe health shocks and financial well-being

Organiser: Johannes Hagen,

Monday 24 April, 2023, in person

Tom Gard, Copenhagen Business School
Title: Strategic Behavior in Crowdsourcing Contest: A Look at Sabotage and Self-promotion

Organiser: Anna Nordén,

Monday 1 May, 2023

No seminar – May Day

Monday 8 May, 2023, in person

Ylva Moberg, Stockholm University, SOFI
Title: The earnings penalty in female same-sex and different-sex couples transitioning to parenthood in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Organiser: Anna Nordén,

Monday 15 May, 2023, in person

Mårten Palme, Stockholm University
Title: Identity in Court Decision-Making
Organiser: Johannes Hagen,

Monday 22 May, 2023, online

Nadine Riedel, University of Münster

Title: What Happens when you Tax the Rich? – Evidence from South Africa

Organiser: Andrea Schneider,

Monday 29 May, 2023, in person

Sébastien Willis, Uppsala University

Title: Professional networks and the labour market assimilation of immigrants

Organiser: Johannes Hagen,

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Organizators: Johannes Hagen, Benjamin Larin, Anna Nordén, Andrea Schneider