The theme Civic and Subject Literacy – Future Education (CSL) studies practices for teaching and learning. Focus is on the meaning of language for students’ learning in all subjects and/or integrated subjects’ content.

Två pojkar med böcker

We have a pluralistic view of the possible resources available for communication and meaning-making, such as different languages, written languages, texts, media and technologies as well as aesthetic forms of expression. Subject literacy is seen as dependent on developing literacy for citizenship and vice versa, something that highlights the democratic and knowledge mission of preschool and primary and secondary schools.

In order to support children's and young people's citizenship and readiness for action for the future, we see several possible forms of knowledge as valid and important to integrate with each other In CSL, the focus is therefore also directed towards how the use of subject content, such as literature, films, textbooks and so on, relates to conditions and opportunities for sustainable development in all its dimensions.

We intend to, in close collaboration with teachers and students, and other possible actors in society, develop pedagogical models and methods for teaching and learning that integrate literacy for citizenship with literacy for subject knowledge. The latter includes teacher training. We emphasize the necessity of a strong connection between research and practice, and the importance of responsive cooperation between universities and schools as well as between different stages within the education system and between different forms of schooling.