This planning grant application aims at developing a bigger research project concerning the provision and organization of welfare services to people with severe mental illness (SMI) in Sweden. Of particular interest, are relatively new and/or unexamined professional forms of supporting people with SMI: home support workers, in Swedish boendestödjare (BST) and Coordinated Individual Plans (CIP) and the relations existing between those two forms of social support. We are interested in exploring the role of those two welfare practices in supporting people with SMI in their daily lives,

This planning grant concerns the cooperation between researchers active at the social work department, Jönköping University and municipal social services in Jönköping county as well as users’ organizations representing the voices of people with SMI.

Funder: FORTE (Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare)

Project team: Ulrika Börjesson, Pia Bülow, Per Bülow, Mickael Skillmark, Mattias Vejklint (KU), Monika Wilińska (Project Leader)